The world's first
Post‑Combustion Coal‑Fired CCS Facility
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Boundary Dam - The Project The World is Watching

SaskPower is building one of the world's first and largest CCS projects. Boundary Dam will take an aging coal-fired power plant and transform it into a model of environmental sustainability, capable of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

2014 CCS Symposium Recap

Thanks to all those who attended the 2014 SaskPower CCS Symposium. Imagery, presentations and our recap video found here.


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Big week for BD3. Chinese Ambass Zhaohui & Dep Energy Director Yubo will visit today. Also talked SK uranium to China
August 28, 2015
Brad Wall @PremierBradWall
U.S. lawmakers tour Saskatchewan's carbon capture and storage project #SaskCCS #ActOnClimate
August 27, 2015
SaskPowerCCS @SaskPowerCCS
@PremierBradWall speaks to the media regarding @SaskPowerCCS and its U.S. Lawmaker visitors details to come.
August 26, 2015
Robert Godfrey @RobertGdfryGWB
Welcome to The Boundary Dam CCS Project. We hope you enjoy your tour! @SenWhitehouse, @GrahamBlog, @RepTomRice & @PremierBradWall #SaskCCS
August 26, 2015
SaskPowerCCS @SaskPowerCCS
About SaskPower CCS

SaskPower Carbon Capture & Storage Initiatives is comprised of a variety of large-scale CCS projects in Saskatchewan, Canada on behalf of the province's leading power utility.